Russell Dalgleish

Russell Dalgleish

Chairman of Scottish Business Network, Managing Partner Exolta, Serial Entrepreneur and Business Advisor


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The first thing people notice about me is ‘me’ because I'm a unique character and a natural performer who’s happy to speak up for what I believe (the fact I'm 6’ 5” and Scottish helps too).

My true passion, my “why”, is to help others to succeed.

The career I have followed has allowed me to develop a truly global mindset, an inner capacity to “do the right thing” and resilience which has allowed me to accept both success and failure as simply milestones on my journey.

I know how challenging it can be to lead, how lonely it can sometimes feel and how important it is to ask for help. I also know how difficult it can be to reach out and admit we can’t do everything. Don’t worry you’re not alone, we’ve all felt this way.

Today I am here to provide this help for you, just drop me a note and we can have a chat.

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